Higher Oil Revenues Might Motivate Calls to Revalue the Dinar

Map of IraqDr. Ali Merza, a member of one of many economic committees inside Iraq, has written a report called “Iraq’s National Energy Strategy: Oil & Gas Production, Diversification and Employment.” Dr. Merza has previously stated that higher oil revenues might motivate calls to revalue the Iraq dinar.
Prime Minister, Nuri Maliki, currently has a business and development strategy for the country in the works. As of right now, the Oil & Gas production is behind. It is currently at a steady 2.5 mbd with a goal to reach 3 mbd by the end of the year. Back in 2012, Iraq was at 3 mbd per day. It has dropped to a low due to lack of infrastructure and militants who are anti-government and dislike the central Baghdad government. The long term goal of Iraq’s oil industry is to reach 9.5 mbd by 2017. At the present time, Iraq cannot increase oil production due to the infrastructure. Iraq is also in dire need of more storage facilities. This is one of the reasons that prompted the Iraq government to recently sign the 1.3 billion dollar project for the Port of Faw.

The project in the Port of Faw will increase the oil exports to customers in India and Europe. The Iraq government is having difficulty getting foreign companies to invest in proposed Oil projects so they’re forced to dip into state funds.

There are other problems in the Iraq oil sector, the lack of electricity. The Iraq oil Minister has stated that $40 billion dollars per year is lost due to the lack of continuous electricity supply. Aside from the difficulties they are facing, Iraq is moving forth with oil production. Hopefully, they will meet their oil export goal by years end.

Dr. Ali Merza Report:  PDF File – File .5 megs
Iraq’s National Energy Strategy: Oil & Gas Production, Diversification and Employment

Iarq OIl Exports to India and Europe


The Iraqi Dinar will Revalue says Investment Advisor – Watch Video

It is great news I believe to hear from a bullion dealer, investor and financial newsletter writer Mr. Greg McCoach that the Iraqi dinar will revalue. Mr. Coach has some great wisdom for us all. Watch the entire video and the best part of the video starts at 7:37.

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American Contractor’s Iraqi Dinar Intel Reviewed

American Contractor accepted my offer to write a guest post on his blog. It is my great honor to write this review for the enjoyment of all AC readers.

Watching the Dinar information industry expand over the last 9 years has been a very interesting endeavor from the perspective of a Dinar reporter such as myself. If you’ve watched one of AC’s recent Dubai webinars on the subject of Iraq Dinar either live or the recording you’ll realize quickly that the man has a very strong working knowledge of all things Iraq. This in my opinion makes AC a valuable asset to the Dinar information industry, someone we should all encourage to make more webinars, at any cost.

As most of you know Rich Morris is American Contractor’s actual name which was a card he kept close to his vest till recently. He was only known as his AC brand. Much of the following info I have gathered from the very first webinar which was recorded live December 2 by Rich Morris from his Dubai hotel room while he was on a vacation from work in Afghanistan.

Several things I learnt from AC’s recent Webinars are:

*American Contractor has a passion about all things Iraq, including but not limiting to finding Iraq jobs and of course a very unique vantage point on the Iraqi Dinar. His knowledge is posted, blogged, made into videos all over the internet in a fashion that delivers real intel in an exciting way that does not B.S. you.

*AC was law enforcement officer for several years in Tennessee which gives you an idea on his background
*AC knows how to deliver high quality information using the latest technologies such as ‘go to meeting’ software on some the latest hot topics of Iraq. His ‘boots on the ground’ experience adds to his authenticity.

3 Most Important Iraq development Topics Addressed By American Contractor in December 2013 are:

1. Iraq’s security
2. The countries problem with money laundering
3. Terrorist cells within Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq and the Government of Iraq need to focus on these 3 items to realize major progress.

You won’t find a swatch of useless dinar exchange rate data that changes day to day on AC’s site. If you are looking for information to support some belief that the dinar revaluation, the dinar RV, is going to happen this month you won’t find that on his site either.

“10 to 15 years”, Rich Morris gives his opinion on the potential turn around period for Iraq to be on the up and up again with the economy.

Some progress related promising information AC put on the table this month also include the progress of an oil pipeline going from Iraq to Turkey. An October meeting in the United Kingdom where Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman spoke, Kurdistan Regional Government High Rep to the U.K. A public figure that Rich Morris emphasized with importance in Iraq’s development. Controversy is all part and parcel of real Iraq intelligence and the fact that Iraq Governments storing of Iraq Government funds in a Turkish bank has created waves of problems in the ranks of the officials within Iraq.

“(Iraq) Banking System Is The Key”, AC speaks during the December 2 webinar in Dubai.

Citibank is scouting for property in Iraq. Warka bank on the other hand could get away with murder and seems to be protected by the CBI with regards to massive corruption problems. Seems that Iraq government won’t let the private bank Warka fail. Where have we heard this scenario before…

Upon reading this article you can probably think of a half a dozen reasons for another webinar, made into videos, and a bunch of blog posts by American Contractor. We must wait patiently, what will be his next move to serve our community?

Written by DrDinar, your Iraqi Dinar Reporter