Iraq CBI Gov Says Any Exchange Rate Supported – Possible Revaluation? American Contractor has translated the video interview with the Central bank Governor. Is it possible that the Gov. Turki, may be referring to a Iraq dinar currency revaluation? Iraq dinar currency with any amount. That is what the CBI Gov. stated in his interview with CNBC Arabia. Iraq Central Bank Gov Turki interview with CNBCArabia - 17 June 2014 Governor of … [Read more...]

American Contractor Podcast 0012

AC talks about the possibility of the elections results being certified this week. The IHEC may bring the results to the Iraqi supreme court.  To get the latest updates from the American Contractor make sure you join the mailing list.  You can join here and be sure and check your email. … [Read more...]

Erbil Stock Exchange ESX Opening in August 2014

Erbil Stock Exchange ESX

On November 27, 2013 the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Erbil Stock Exchange (ESX) announced that the ESX will open for business in mid year 2014. It now appears that the ESX will conduct a pre-launch in August 2014. This will begin right after Ramadan. This will happen only if the prime contractor Louis-Berger Group Inc (LBG) completes the installation of the equipment and software … [Read more...]

American Contractor Podcast 0008

American Contractor talks about the Erbil Stock Exchnage (ESX) and the Kurdish companies joining the trading platform. The F-16 ceremony in Ft. Worth, Texas.  PM Nuri Maliki gaining in the right to form the Iraq government.  Make sure you join my mailing list so you don't miss any future Podcast or information about Iraq. … [Read more...]

Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate

Iraqi dinar Exchange rates

Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate Why it is not the best for Iraq to have two different Iraqi dinar exchange rate Did you know the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has been operating with two Iraqi dinar exchange rate?  The first one is the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, also known as the fixed commercial exchange rate, this is the rate that the Iraq private banks are offered daily from the CBI.  The commercial … [Read more...]

Iraq Government Needs To Pass Budget Quickly or Risk Shutdown of All Projects

Iraq Oil

Yesterday, we heard of the victory of PM Maliki. Glad that's over with. I don't have to spend any more of my time debating over why I knew he would remain in office. A special thanks, to all my subscribers who continued to support me on my views and opinions. Its not always easy to go against the crowd but I vowed to be straightforward, upstanding and true to my subscribers when it comes to … [Read more...]