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Friday, 17 September 2010
The Al-Iraqiyah List is announcing a limit on powers of the future Prime Minister. The limits would include decisions of the security file and any collective decision making in discharging the duties of the Prime Minister. The Iraq National Alliance (INA) have refused to compromise on the powers of the Prime Minister. The Al-Iraqiyah List leader, Jamal al-Battikh told AL-Hayat News: “The Al-Iraqiyah List will make every effort to ensure the non-repetition of the current government experience in terms of the Phenomenon of the concentration of power on the hands of the Prime Minister. Al-Battikh cont. “Over the past four years, the Prime Minister has become more powerful than the Parliament and the President of the Republic.”

The leader of the State of Law Coalition (SLC) has stated that they will reject any proposal to limit the Prime Minister’s powers. The SLC believes that it will lead to a weak Prime Minister. The call for limiting the power is unconstitutional and would require constitutional amendments to make any changes in the powers for Prime Minister.
The SLC did conduct meetings with the Al-Iraqiyah List earlier and the Al-Iraqiyah List did propose the limitation on powers for the Prime Minister. The Kurdistan Alliance also gave a working paper to the SLC detailing limiting the powers of the Prime Minister and this proposal was rejected by the SLC and the INA.
On a different subject, the Vice President Abd al-Mahdi the INA’s candidate for Prime Minister continued with his sit-in at the Iraqi Parliament building. Al-Mahdi and several Parliament members have also begun to come to the Parliament building and hold discussions about issues concerning the Iraqi citizens. Al-Mahdi stated that it is important to hold a Parliament session and discuss the government formation and execute their constitutional duties.
In other matters, the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani is calling for the Article 140 referendum and the Census. Talabani also mentioned that the Presidential position does not necessarily have to go to a Kurd as long as the Iraq government abides by the constitutional mandate of article 140. The Iraq census has to occur before the Article 140 can be implemented. The census is in October 2010 and could possibly be moved to 2011.
Since last week, nothing really has changed with the continued stalemate of forming of the Iraqi government. It is getting to a point where they’re getting used to operating and running a government as they have been for the last six months.
The Al-Iraqiyah list has not supported Al-Mahdi for the position of Prime Minister. This statement is completely false. The Al-Iraqiyah position is that a member of the Al-Iraqiyah List should have the first opportunity to form the government. Al-Mahdi is not a member of the Al-Iraqiyah List.
In the last few days there has been articles coming from different news sources in Iraq that the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) will be dropping the zero’s from its currency. In the articles, the CBI has mentioned as I have said in a previous post on 6 September that in order for the currency to change, the Iraqi Parliament has to vote on the new legislation.
6 September Post:
The Iraqi Parliament even though they are (some not all) coming to the Iraq Parliament building they are still in an open session and will be unable to pass any legislation. The CBI is waiting for the government to be formed and consult with different members of the government before any decision is made in regards to any changes to the Iraqi dinar currency. An open session means that the Iraqi Parliament currently has no Parliament Speaker. No Parliament Speaker no laws or 2011 budget passed.
CBI article on deleting zero’s:
As long as there is no government formed and open for business you can be assured that no changes to the Iraqi currency will occur. I will say the powers to be are very much talking and planning about this issue in certain circles. I will also mention as I have in previous posts that a Information campaign will also be a part of the changing of the currency.
For those of you who have been inquiring, the American Contractor has not been posting due to other commitments.

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