A World View from a Contractor


About the American Contractor

In 2003 I became a civilian contractor, just shortly after the Iraq invasion. I began working in the security field for a prime Defense Contractor in support of U.S. operations.  After several years of working in Iraq I was then transferred to Afghanistan. Following Afghanistan, I left and returned to Iraq in 2010 where I continued supporting the war effort.  During my time working overseas I have had the privilege to meet some incredible people, important contacts and connections as well as form many lasting friendships.

I began the American Contractor blog in June 2006 after reading a lot of misleading and false information regarding Iraq.  I wanted to give a true and accurate opinion and commentary of what was happening in Iraq and in the region.  Since I not only worked in Iraq but also resided there I felt I was more than qualified and knowledgeable enough to give a commentary just as good as anyone else’s in the blogosphere.

E-Mail: ac@americancontractor.com