28 August

The Iraqi National Allaince (INA) has a desire to nominate Ibrahim al-Ja’fari, has the next Prime Minister of Iraq. This is not concrete as other names are being discussed. Names such as Adil Abd-al-Mahdi, Al-Chalabi. The Sadrist assure that that outgoing Prime Minister Maliki will not be endorsed.

The leader of the Al-Iraqiyah list Dr. Iyad Allawi, has stated if the INA announces a candidate for the post of Prime Minister and removes the right of the Iraqiyah list to form the government the list will boycott the entire political process. The INA has granted positions in the government for the Iraqiyah list such as the Parliament Speaker and Chairman of the Strategic Political Council. Which these options do not agree with
Dr. Iyad Allawi, has sent several letters to the Arab league and the United Nations asking for intervention in the formation of the government.
I had told you before that the Kurdistan Blocs want the post of President, INA will get the PM position, and the Iraqiyah list will get the post of Parliament Speaker and Council for Strategic Policies. The Iraqiyah list is warning of bloodshed among lists constituents. The Iraqiyah list is thinking that they need three more months to name their candidates for cabinet positions. In my opinion the forming of the government between the political blocs is going to become much more heated in the coming weeks and months.
There are 35 members of the State of Law Coalition (SLC) who have contacted the IISC their willingness to break away from the SLC political bloc and join any alliance that includes the Iraqiyah List, Al-Sadr Trend, and the IISC. The out going Prime Minister Maliki insists that he be named the Prime Minister in the new Iraqi government.
The right hand man in the SLC, Tariq Najm Abdallah, has given his resignation from the outgoing Prime Minister’s Party. This is very bad for PM Maliki has Tariq Abdallah, knows all the secrets of Maliki’s political Party.
Don’t be surprised if the INA nominates PM Maliki. Eid al Fitr dinner they will announce during the Ramadan Feast.
More to follow…
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