Self-made billionaire warns: “Mother of all collapses coming if central banks stop buying bonds”

Self-made billionaire Eric Sprott, gives his analysis on the outlook of the world economy. Sprott who is the owner of Sprott, Inc. and Sprott Asset management gives a great audio interview to King World News. Sprott said the rise of negative interest rates is preposterous. The negative returns to investors are clearly unsustainable. “So who’s going to buy it? Who in their right mind would be … [Read more...]

Iraq government may cancel the contract with USA for the purchase of F-16 fighter jets

Iraq Fighter Jet F-16

In September 2011, the Iraqi government placed an order for 18 advanced F-16 Vipers and made payment for the fighter jets.  The manufacture was Lockheed Martin, who was building the F-16 Viper for the Iraqi Air Force. The Iraqi parliament security committee discussed the situation about the F-16 fighter jets.  The committee would like the fighter jets delivered sooner then scheduled in 2015.  The … [Read more...]

Central Bank of Iraq 50 Iraqi Dinar Press Release

On February 26, 2015 the Central Bank of Iraq issued a press release announcing for the people of Iraq to stop using the 50 Iraqi dinar currency. The Central Bank is requesting all banks to accept the 50 IQD banknotes with fees or commissions and return the banknotes to the Central Bank. I have the press release from the Central Bank of Iraq translated from Arabic to English. You can download the … [Read more...]

Iraq Prime Minister al-Abadi Kept US Military in the Dark While Iran Shia Militias Start the Tikrit Campaign

On Monday, March 2, 2015 the Iraqi forces backed by Iranian Shia militias are moving against the Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS) terrorists in Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit.  The Iraqi forces will be moving in the direction of Tikrit in five different directions. There are two Shia paramilitary commanders on the scene with the Iraq forces.  We all know the Shadow Commander Iranian Gen. Qasem … [Read more...]

Iraq Central Bank Pulls The Fifty Iraqi Dinar Banknote Continues To Restructure Currencies

Central Bank Iraq pulls fifty Iraqi dinar banknote

Iraq Central Bank starts to reconstruct its currency before delete the zeros project As of today, there is not a single person inside the country of Iraq that has not heard the announcement from the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). On Sunday, March 1, 2015, the CBI announced that the 50 Iraqi dinar banknotes would no longer be used in Iraq. In October 2003, the Central Bank printed the new Iraqi dinar … [Read more...]

Badr Brigade On The March To Kirkuk

On Saturday, February 14, 2015, unknown gunmen went into a private bank in Baghdad and stole 13 million dollars and 100 million dinars. Iraqi police stated that the robbers wore uniforms and carried automatic weapons. The Iraqi police are investigating the bank robbery in the Rashid District. A Sunni Shiek tribal leader who was travelling by vehicle from southern Baghdad was killed Friday night by … [Read more...]

American Contractor Critiques an Iraqi Dinar Guru Newsletter

Earlier today I received an email from one of my loyal subscribers. Attached to the email was a newsletter/article written by an individual referring to themselves as "Mtn Goat". After reading this newsletter I noticed many inconsistencies and fictional information. I went through the article to do my usual 'fact checking' and made corrections to the information that I deemed inaccurate. Prior, I … [Read more...]

Iraqi Dinar 1260 to the U.S. Dollar CBI Limiting Sale of Dollars to 75 Million

Iraq Financial Banking Sector There are several positive things happening in the banking sector in Iraq. When the Iraqi banking sector eventually becomes stronger, that is when you will start to see an increase in the Iraqi dinar. When you see people have more confidence in the currency, they will deposit their money in the bank.  Budget Scenario On Thursday, January 29, 2015, the Iraqi government … [Read more...]

Iraq Economic Conference Set For Next Week

Central Bank of Iraq lowering auctions sales The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) had an auction on Thursday, January 29, 2015 of 98.2 million dollars. The auction was not as high as usual, and this is due to the lack of liquidity, lower oil prices and reduced imports into the country. The CBI auctions will be more depressed for a time being and not as high as in the past. The reason is not that of a … [Read more...]