U.S. Continues Military Operations in Iraq and Syria

The Pentagon has reported that they have spent $424 million dollars so far in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria since August 8.  That averages out to be $7.6 million dollars per day.  The U.S. military operations consist of refueling the fighter jets that are bombing Islamic State targets.  There is also aircraft conducting intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR missions) that are also in need of fuel to continue their operations.

The Shia militias are becoming a problem for the Iraq government. Several of the Shia militias are better equipped and have more sophisticated weapons than the Iraqi police. Time will tell if the Iraqi government can start a game plan to remove the Islamic State from Iraq.

The Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi reported Monday that he would not allow any foreign troops into the country to help retake territory lost to a Sunni Arab uprising being led by the so called Islamic State.

PM Al-Abadi said, “We don’t need foreign combat troops. And there is no country in the world which would be willing to fight here and give you back your land even if they were asked to.”

It appears that the PM Al-Abadi does not trust the United States.

There has been busy activity inside the Green Zone Fox news has reported activity in Baghdad stating that one of the mortar shells impacted within 500 meters of the U.S. Embassy.

The Central Bank of Iraq has made an announcement about the printing of new currency with the security-enhanced features on the banknotes. The Central Bank has stated that they WILL NOT be removing any banknotes from circulation. I have stated this to you all on more than one occasion in my blog postings. The money supply will increase as the Central bank rolls out the new security enhanced Iraqi currency.

Look for the Central Bank to introduce new higher category banknotes like the 50k and 100k in 2015.  The Iraqi Parliament economic committee has yet to approve the delete the zero projects. This may or may not happen as it all depends on the security situation.