Iran Shia Militias Taking A Break On Ramadi

Iraq Military over Iraq fighter jets

Iraq Soldiers need more combat training On May 17th, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) took over the Iraqi city of Ramadi. The Iraqi soldiers dropped their weapons and ran even after the Iraq Prime Minister had issued an order to the Iraqi army to not abandon Ramadi. The Iraqi army is a weakened organization that will require training from professional trainers for the next several years. The Shia militias or Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) are working with the Iranian government are gearing up to take on ISIL at Ramadi. The PMU have been successful in taking back small towns and areas on the edge of Ramadi. I would not count these successes as prelude to what is going to happen when the campaign starts to take back Ramadi. The ISIL militants have the use of suicide car bombs down to an art form. Nothing demoralizes any fighting force faster when you can carry out an attack with 30 car bombs, especially when one ISIL car bomb can level a city block. When the battle for … [Read more...]

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) March to Baghdad

Iraqi Army Security Forces

ISIL leader says next target Karbala and Baghdad   It didn’t take long for the leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to broadcast the first propaganda audio to the world. The published audio has not been verified that it is in fact from the ISIL proclaim leader al-Baghdadi who warned that the jihadist group would next target Karbala and Baghdad.   The religious sites in Baghdad will be protected, and if ISIL comes to desecrate we will fill Iraq with their rotting bodies When a terrorist leader says, the next target is Karbala and Baghdad after they military knocked out Ramadi naturally people are going to be on edge. Moqtada al-Sadr, the head of the Sadrist movement, has responded to the ISIL threats. Al-Sadr gave a warning to ISIL in which he stated that if they desecrate the holy sites will fill Iraq land with their rotting bodies. The problem with this is that they do not take any orders from the Iraqi government only from Shia … [Read more...]

Iraq Security Forces and Iranian Paramilitary Staging at Army base Near Ramadi

Iraqi Army Gold Brigade Special Forces

ISIL take over Ramadi and Gold Brigade failed   At the end of the day on May 17, 2015 there was no mistake that the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants had captured the city of Ramadi. The government had deployed their best military units such as the Gold Brigade, which were a special operation elite unit trained by the United States Army.  The Gold Brigade was seen on social media and YouTube channels leaving Ramadi quickly as possible.  The elite soldiers were hanging onto their vehicles as they were speeding down the road out of Ramadi.  You have to think if these Iraqi soldiers are the best that the Iraqi government has in the fight with ISIL; then the Iraqi government will not be able to take back Ramadi anytime soon. Iraq Prime Minister now facing criticism over military strategy Prime Minister (PM) Haider al-Abadi had announced that the Iraqi army will crush the ISIL militants, and that did not happen.  PM al-Abadi appears to be weak now that his strategy … [Read more...]

ISIL Islamic State Capture Ramadi Shia Militias Ready for CounterAttack

Iraq Helo Leaving Ramadi

Under the cover of darkness, Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) attacked a government compound in Ramadi with eight suicide car bombs. The attacking jihadis were clean shaven and dressed in Iraqi army uniforms using armored vehicles and armored bulldozers. The suicide attack destroyed the Anbar Operation Command. The Iraqi military command sent out an order to not Abandon Anbar province to stand their ground and fight the ISIL militants. Sheik Omar Shihan al-Alwani, one of the main Sunni tribal leaders in Anbar, advised his men to lay down weapons and leave the area. Al-Alwani did not want to lose all his men in fighting ISIL. The battle for Ramadi did not go well for ISF and the Iraqi government. There were no Shia militias in the fight like there had been for the Battle of Tikrit. However, we now know from recent experience that the Iraq Army does not have the will to fight when battling hardcore terrorists. The ISIL militants are well armed, trained and are prepared to die … [Read more...]

ISIS using Deep dark Web to Recruit Fighters, Share Intel and Plan Attacks

After months of bombing by the U.S. and coalition forces, ISIS remains undefeated on the ground and has now entered a new phase, using the cyber-world as a weapon. For evidence of the evolution, one need look no further than the recent ISIS inspired attack in Garland, Texas, which was carried out after gunman Elton Simpson publicly posted a tweet on the Internet, using the hashtag #TexasAttack. It's a trend that has captured the attention of law enforcement and now the military. Source: CNN … [Read more...]

Government of Iraq going Ahead with Large Currency Denominations for the Iraqi people to Reform System

In Iraq, things are getting better as I write this post.  The government of Iraq and the Parliamentary Economic Committee is getting very serious about the monetary policy.  The Economic Committee and the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has decided to reform the system.  The printing of larger banknotes is coming to the Iraqi people. The Economic advisor, Mohammed Saleh has published information in the local Baghdad media about the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) printing large category banknotes that will support the Iraq economy.  The Economic Advisor Saleh said that this was on the road to economic reform.  In recent articles and videos I informed you that large denominations such as 100K and 50K would be printed and in circulation.  Every Iraqi citizen in the country will use the large notes.  The large banknotes will not be an interbank only the 50k and every Iraqi citizen will use 100k in daily commerce. Over the last several years, the money supply has grown to approximately 40 trillion … [Read more...]

Islamic State Militants attack Iraq Oil Refinery

Iraq Oil Refinery in Baiji

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) launched new attacks against the largest refinery in northern Iraq.  The ISIL terrorists launched the attacks early in the morning on Thursday, May 7, 2015, fighting against the Iraq Security Forces (ISF). Militants are inside the buildings and have taken defensive positions inside the refinery.  Social media reports that ISF reinforcements have arrived and will start operations soon. There are reports that the U.S. led coalition had conducted air strikes in Baiji and the surrounding areas. The Baiji oil refinery is very important to the government of Iraq.  The oil refinery produced 300,000 barrels per day and is also a main distributor of diesel fuel.  The refinery has not been operational for several months.                 … [Read more...]

Iraq Central Bank to Print 50,000 Iraqi Dinar to Continue to Restructure Currency

The Parliamentary Commission of Economic committee has been working with the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to restructure the Iraqi dinar currency.  On February 25, 2015, the CBI made a decision to eliminate the 50 Iraqi dinar (IQD) banknote from circulation.  The CBI issued a press release a 65 days notice of the monetary policy change.  The CBI in the future would select other banknotes to discontinue just like 50 dinar note.  The 50 IQD banknote was not a highly used banknote for transactions because the value of $.04 USD was not feasible in the market. Most Iraqis did not conduct transactions in the 50 IQD, and it made sense for the CBI to recall the note.  The CBI is continuing with the restructuring of the currency.  The CBI will be printing a new addition, and that is the 50,000 Iraqi dinar banknote.  The CBI has talked of printing a 100,000 banknote also along with the 50k IQD, however, has delayed it for now.  In the future, the CBI will be printing a new 50k IQD banknote just as … [Read more...]