Iraq And Delete the Zeros Reprint 10K Notes Just Like Back in May 2014

Iraqi dinar exchange rateIn local, Baghdad media, economist Mostafa Hashemi, has announced that the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) will continue with the printing of the 10k bank notes with the enhanced security features. In April, the CBI announced that they would be printing new 10k and 5k bank notes with the new enhanced security features. The new security enhanced Iraq currency will be legal tender along side the currency designed in October 2003. The CBI will be printing other denominations or categories in the future. The CBI in the future may print a 50k or a 100k bank note to ease transactions.

The money supply is continuing to grow as the CBI introduces the new designed currency. The CBI has repeated in numerous news articles that the old currency and the new currency will co-exist in the Iraqi economy.

These types of articles are being republished in the Iraq media. The delete the zero project from the CBI and the finance committee will start in 2015.

In regards, to al-Warka bank, I would be very cautious in sending funds or your personal information to them. There has been no change in the status of al-Warka Bank.